Be Independent

Confide personal information while maintaining your privacy.

Live Your Life

BiggSiss provides easy to use, interactive tools to document people, activities & things happening in your life.

Protect Yourself

Be proactive, make the smart choice of leaving a confidential trail for law enforcement.

You’re Never alone with BiggSiss

Online confidant for individuals seeking a “safe-haven”.
Confide experiences of abuse, safety concerns, unusual encounters and the transition from victim to survivor.


Basic Membership – $3.99

Recommended for those who choose to leave a trail for law enforcement regarding specific events or occasions.

  • 10 Activity journals per month

Not recommended for members who choose to use the re-occurring journal function.

Premium Membership – $5.99

Recommended for active individuals who choose to leave an ongoing trail for law enforcement, documenting routines, routes, special events, errands, emotional state of mind, concerns, experiences, etc.

  • Unlimited activity journals
  • Membership identification decals
  • Membership identification key tag
  • Membership identification cell phone stick-on screen cleaner

Recommended for members who choose to use the re-occurring journal function.


If you become involved in a crisis situation, time is a crucial factor. During this time gathering pertinent information is not an easy task. BiggSiss provides this critical information to law enforcement in an expedient manner.
Upon completing your profile you are asked to list 2 emergency contacts. These contacts are immediately notified via email of your BiggSiss membership and of being listed as emergency contacts.

Within 10 days of becoming a BiggSiss member, depending on the membership you select, you will receive items to identify your membership with BiggSiss. Keep in mind that although receiving these items, “word of mouth” is the most effective identifying tool. Tell friends and family of your membership so that they tell law enforcement if a crisis should arise.

No. To ensure the continued privacy of our members, only law enforcement will be provided access to membership information.
BiggSiss encrypts all personal data and has taken steps to protect it’s database to the highest possible level.
Journals can be created at any time. Create a journal when you find yourself asking, if you should or should not go, or what if…..

Create a journal when trying new activities, venturing out or traveling, inviting someone into your home, trying something new or meeting up with friends. Create re-occurring journals for routine activities such as daily jogs, dog walks, etc. The premium membership offers an unlimited number of journals.

This depends on how specific you would like to be. Some members can create journals within a minute. Others choose to add more information (selfies, descriptions of attire, photos of travelling buddies or especially new acquaintances, etc.) Creating journals should never be made to feel like work or an unfavorable task.
Members are unable to delete journals.
Based on your membership, journals can be created as often or as seldom as you like
Memberships can be canceled by e-mailing your request to neveralone@BiggSiss.com.
Yes, memberships are automatically renewed on a monthly basis.

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