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What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is a pattern of behaviors used by one partner to maintain power and control over another partner in an intimate relationship.

Some of the signs of an abusive relationship include a partner who:

  • Tells you that you can never do anything right
  • Shows extreme jealousy of your friends and time spent away
  • Keeps you or discourages you from seeing friends or family members
  • Insults, demeans or shames you with put-downs
  • Controls every penny spent in the household
  • Takes your money or refuses to give you money for necessary expenses
  • Looks at you or acts in ways that scare you
  • Controls who you see, where you go, or what you do
  • Prevents you from making your own decisions
  • Tells you that you are a bad parent or threatens to harm or take away your children
  • Prevents you from working or attending school
  • Destroys your property or threatens to hurt or kill your pets
  • Intimidates you with guns, knives or other weapons
  • Pressures you to have sex when you don’t want to or do things sexually you’re not comfortable with
  • Pressures you to use drugs or alcohol

The above information was taken from The National Domestic Violence Hotline website.


The National Domestic Violence Hotline

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BiggSiss is a unique, reliable approach to assisting law enforcement in the struggle against domestic violence and other personal abuses. BiggSiss has a unique link to law enforcement, allowing a prompt response to requests in the event a member is in a crisis situation and unable to speak for themselves.
When completing your profile you are asked to list 2 emergency contacts. These contacts are immediately notified via email of your BiggSiss membership and of being listed as emergency contacts.

Tell friends and family about your BiggSiss membership so that they can assist law enforcement, if a crisis should arise.

No. To ensure the continued privacy of our members, only law enforcement will be provided access to membership information.
BiggSiss encrypts all personal data and has taken steps to protect it’s database to the highest possible level.
Journals can be created at any time. Journaling can also serve as an outlet for expressing feelings, unusual encounters, good days and especially bad days.
That’s up to you. Creating journals should never be made to feel like work or an unfavorable task.

Members are unable to delete journals.
Memberships can be canceled by e-mailing your request to neveralone@BiggSiss.com.
Yes, memberships are automatically renewed on a monthly basis.

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